Woman walking to East Bay BART station assaulted


A woman, in her 20s, told police she was sexually assaulted. She says a man pulled her into some bushes while she was walking to the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART Station less than a mile away.

"He basically threatened her that he was going to probably further sexually assault her, and then she was able to break free," said East Bay Regional Park Police Lt. Jon King.

The attacker is only described as an African-American man, in his 40s, wearing all black clothes and riding a blue bike. The stretch of the Delta De Anza Regional Trail, in Bay Point, has quite a reputation.

"When I walk through it, I won't walk by myself no more," said Bay Point resident Lupe Mondragon who says she was robbed on the trail last year.

"And one of them got me from behind and grabbed me and threw me down and took my cellular phone and the stuff I had bought," said Mondragon.

It wasn't hard to find someone who was assaulted, or knew someone who was assaulted on this trail.

"Personally, a friend of mine got jumped two years ago, and robbed. They stole her purse," said Bay Point resident Delaney Bell. "A neighbor of ours who lives next door, a couple of weeks ago, she was walking down the trail and somebody rode up behind her and grabbed her privates."

"We've actually had two or three young ladies attacked out here the last month, month-and-a-half out here," said an officer to a resident.

Since June, police say there have been 10 incidents, along this small stretch of trail. They include sexual assault, battery, parolee violations and gun possession.

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