Giants fans gearing up for World Series Game 2

October 25, 2012 3:51:08 PM PDT
Excited Giants fans will get another opportunity to yell themselves hoarse in Game 2 of the World Series this evening at AT&T Park.

After an ear splitting 8-3 victory over the Tigers last night, with raucous fans celebrating into the streets, the park is eerily quiet this morning. It hardly looks like a place where Game 2 of the World Series will be played in just a few hours.

There was only one person in line for the free outdoor viewing spots, but he seems to know why nobody else is in line with him.

"They won pretty big so everybody was out partying last night. So they are probably all regretting today," said Matt Lytle of Santa Rosa.

The most action was at the souvenir shop and after the night Pablo Sandoval had, people were snatching up panda hats. He made history last night with three homeruns. His bat is now headed to the Hall of Fame.

The Giants have sold over 100,000 panda hats over the past few years. A team spokesperson said he was already a team favorite and a favorite among the staff too.

"He is the nicest guy in the world and obviously he has a big personality. I could not be happier for him," said SF Giants team spokesperson Staci Slaughter.

The game starts at 5:07 PM PT. Game 3 will be played in Detroit on Saturday.