Disabled woman recovering after hit-and-run


"I wish it never happened," Stephanie Hill said, adding that she'd like to forget everything about Thursday night, "It was very scary, yeah."

Hill is severely disabled and depends on her motorized wheelchair for everything. She was meeting friends at a Belmont IHOP when a car turned in front of her, sideswiping her chair and legs. The driver suddenly took off, "I'm still sore," Hill said. "It happens."

The collision left Hill injured and stunned, but she was able to remember two things. First, she says the driver was a woman in a dark colored Mercedes. Hill also says the driver actually stopped and asked her one question, "She got out and asked me if I was ok. I said 'I don't know.' She said, 'I'm coming right back.'" Hill says the driver never came back.

She was treated at the hospital for injuries to her foot. But her wheelchair is broken and out of service, "It got damaged, the control box fell off," said Hall. The metal foot pads are bent. According to Hill, "Right now, I'm not sure if they can fix it or not." And if it can be fixed, Hall is not sure if she has money to pay for it.

Belmont police are looking for the driver of the car. But they tell ABC7 News they have few leads. There were no witnesses.

For now, Hill is temporarily using a wheelchair on loan. She'd like her old wheelchair back. Although, more than that, she says she'd like something from the driver who hit her, saying, "I'd like her to apologize."

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