Homemade flying machines arrive in SF for Flugtag


While Shannon Falcone's entry is built from parts of an $8 million catamaran and had input from a design expert, not all the contestants in the Red Bull Flugtag competition are so well constructed.

Another entry looks like a hot sauce bottle, hence its name, "Flying Fuego."

Mario Martinez and his daughter plan to climb aboard the Flying Fuego Saturday afternoon and run at full tilt off a platform 30 feet above McCovey Cove.

They are one of 32 entries in the Flugtag contest -- German for "flight day."

The event has been in San Francisco twice before -- 2002 and 2003. There have been hundreds of events all over the world.

But this will be the first to include an entry from an America's Cup sailing team.

While the team's catamaran is being rebuilt Falcone thought it would be fun and therapeutic to compete in the Flugtag. He has designed and built the craft himself.

But Falcone could have some serious competition from a pterodactyl and the other creative entries.

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