Texts show Lockyer's ex-boyfriend struggling


I've been texting Thursday with the former boyfriend, Steve Chikhani. His stories of meth use with Lockyer and of a sex tape factored into her resigning as county supervisor. Now, she appears to be doing well in rehab, but he is in a very dark place.

Lockyer did not come to court Thursday morning. She remains in a Southern California rehab center -- now 107 days sober.

Nadia texted the I-Team last month, saying "I am looking forward to this road on recovery and a new way of life."

"Her therapist and counselors have hope for her to come out of this process and move on with her life," her attorney Mark Ressa said. "So, from all indications, things are going well for Nadia."

Lockyer's attorney asked the judge to delay hearing her request for a restraining order against Chikhani until she gets out of rehab in February.

The scandal blew up 10 months ago after a violent confrontation between Lockyer and Chikhani at a Newark motel. It left her with scrapes and deep bruises, but authorities declined to press charges.

After Chikhani publicly discussed their methamphetamine use and a sex tape they made, Lockyer resigned from the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and entered rehab.

Thursday, the judge suggested dropping the issue of a restraining order for now and rescheduling, if necessary, when Lockyer returns to the bay area.

"So, the court would simply take the matter off calendar and if we want to reissue, we'll do that," Ressa said.

Dan Noyes: "What do you think the odds are of you coming back? Do you think this could die right here?"
Mark Ressa: "I think there's a good chance this may die here, Nadia will go through treatment, she'll reconsider her options, and one of the options will of course be to continue to pursue this, another option maybe to let matters lie where they are and move on with their life."

Lockyer's husband, state Treasurer Bill Lockyer, filed for divorce in July, but Ressa tells me that's now on hold and that Bill and Nadia are working well together. Bill is paying for rehab and bringing their son to Southern California regularly to visit Nadia.

It's a much different story for Chikhani. There's a warrant for his arrest after he missed a court appearance. Police say he tried to steal a sweatshirt from mace's while high on meth in August.

I texted Chikhani before the hearing Thursday, asking if he would attend.

He answered, "Not feeling like goin to jail n they would take me if I showed." "I can't get past this. The connection her n I had was so strong." "Last nite I slept on the streets again. I lost everything because of her and the life she forced me into. This hole I'm in is so deep I can't get out of. In the past I found the strength inside me to pull myself together and get my life back... Quickly. I can't find that strength in me. Its just not there. What is there instead is a welcoming that my end will be soon. I can't live like this."

I tried to call Chikhani several times to see if he's OK and just got his voicemail.

Nadia Lockyer is still facing drug and child endangerment charges in Southern California, but her lawyer says the case may be dropped, if she continues to do well in rehab.

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