Website offers rewards for information


"I have a startup; I want my startup to grow -- that's my new year's resolution," Ken Wang said.

Wang is thinking big, but for most people, New Year's resolutions are more along the lines of eating netter, working out more or traveling. They're lofty goals and for some people, a little help to reach them would be worth something.

"Send me links or deals that I don't know about or secret off-the-path destinations," aspiring world traveler Charlotte Han said.

It turns out there's actually a website for that -- it's called Rewarder and it's a place where you can offer up a reward for a specific kind of information or expertise.

Vice President Barron Ernst showed ABC7 News rewards offered for cooking tips, workout advice and vacation planning.

"And the best itinerary gets them $10," he explained.

If you offer the reward, you pick the winner.

"Up to 100 people trying to win that reward, and then it's up to them to decide, well this person obviously knows it the best, this is the person that I'm going to award and pay out," Ernst said.

And if you're an expert at something you can earn some cash. Derek Gibbins made $75 teaching someone how to replicate his wife's favorite key lime pie.

So how much can you get for giving good advice? If you help Wang with his startup, maybe a lot.

"Could be 10 bucks, could be $1 million," he said.

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