Mayor Reed thanks firefighters, officers

San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed visited several fire stations on New Year's Day to give thanks.

January 1, 2013 12:00:00 AM PST
San Jose's mayor hopes the New Year will bring peace and goodwill for him with the city's police officers and firefighters.

Mayor Chuck Reed visited several fire stations Tuesday morning. He has done this tour on New Year's before, but 2012 was an especially stressful time between Reed and the public safety unions. He pushed through a ballot initiative to reform police and firefighters pensions.

"This year we're hoping just to maintain what we have. We have a deficit coming up in the next fiscal year, but we have one-time funding so we're hoping not to cut any more fire services than what we already have," said Reed.

Reed says the city will continue to look for federal grants to keep fire stations staffed or find other ways to increase revenues and that may include more pension reform.