Fans face frigid weather to watch Niners game


The playoff circus is back in town, with fans converging on Candlestick Park, hoping to use the chilly night to put the heat on the Packers.

"It's our turn, we're gonna go all the way this year, we were one play short last year, this year's our time," said 49ers fan Frank Quadrato. "Good luck to them, we love 'em, they're good fans, but Candlestick Park, woohoo!"

The Cheeseheads, however, were not going quietly into the game, "No, we're amongst friends out here man, we like the 49ers too, man," said Packers fan Jason Seele. "But it's not our fault you took Alex Smith instead of Aaron Rodgers in the draft. So, we're just excited for the game, it's gonna be a good game."

Even before the kickoff, San Francisco police were already scoring. They confiscated thousands of dollars worth of counterfeit NFL merchandise that was for sale. Now this won't be keeping anybody warm during tonight's 40-degree temperatures. Fans were making other arrangements to stay warm, "

"I'm wearing lots of warm clothes and layering up, and I'm cheering a lot cause we're gonna win," said 49ers fan Debbie Guthier

Extra police are patrolling the area. Most are in uniform, but a few are dressed like 49er and Packer fans just in case knuckleheads decide they want to start a fight.

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