SJ mom, daughter win Super Bowl ticket lottery

SAN JOSE, Calif.

"They called and they said, 'You won some 49er tickets to the Super Bowl.' OK, OK, I thought, this is a prank call or something," Connie Plata told ABC7 News. She thought it was a joke when the 49ers called to say she was one of the lucky season-ticket holders to get tickets to the Super Bowl. "That's a chance of a lifetime. It really is, especially my life. I'm not that young!" she said.

Connie was offered two Super Bowl tickets at $850 a pop and there's no question who she will be taking with her.

"I figured, this is what savings is for," her daughter Valerie Cuascut said laughingly. She is as big a Niner fan as her mom, but she's also 7-months pregnant and wasn't sure she could go until her doctor gave the green light. "You're healthy. You can definitely go. Enjoy it. It's once in a lifetime, definitely have a great time," her doctor said. Asked if she was allowed to cheer, she said, "Oh yeah! I've been cheering. I just don't jump up as much anymore."

Fans not lucky enough to win the ticket lottery are scrambling for a seat and many are suffering from sticker shock. On, $2,100 fetches a regular ticket. $27,000 will get a seat on the 50-yard line. $49,000 will buy loge seating. And, a whopping $420,000 will buy a suite at the Superdome.

Of course, those ticket prices do not even include the price of actually getting to New Orleans. Valerie and her mom are still looking for flights and hotels, but they say they wouldn't trade or sell their tickets for any price.

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