Man tries to lure boy near school in Antioch


The principal says they always watch the kids at drop-off and pickup. But on Friday, some teachers volunteered to add extra patrols to the grounds. They also plan on talking to the kids about not talking to strangers.

There were a lot of eyes on the Antioch kids Friday morning as they headed into Sutter Elementary School. News that a man tried to abduct a fifth-grader Thursday afternoon has parents and teachers on edge.

"I'm scared, I'm very very scared," parent Kari Lopez said. "My kids don't walk home, and I see little kids walk home."

Parent Anatoly Volokh adds, "Well, it's very unsettling, and strange to know that it can happen right next to you."

The principal says the boy was walking from school to his ride which was across Chichibu Park.

"A stranger was at the park in a car, called the student over saying that he was going to pick the student up, and the student said 'I don't know you,' and left," Sutter Elementary School Principal Paula McEvoy said.

McEvoy notified parents Thursday that this had happened and encouraged them to talk to their kids about stranger danger.

"Yes we had the talk, we had the talk with my son and even with my daughter, even though she's 15, cause you never know, so we did that all last night" parent Regina Parenti said. "

He's described as a white man with gray hair and stubble. He was driving a light blue 1970's-era car. He's not been seen since.

A lesson came out of this for all parents, not just those in Antioch. The principal sent a robocall, and some parents didn't get the message because their phone numbers weren't updated and current with the office. It's a good example of why all parents need to check with the office and make sure the officer has all of your correct numbers.

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