NFL star fulfills little girl's dream with proposal

Houston Texans star defensive lineman, J.J. Watt surprises a young fan with a candy ring; granting her wish following a viral video. (@JJWatt/Twitter)

January 31, 2013 8:55:04 PM PST
It all started with a video uploaded on YouTube. The mother of a 6-year-old football fan named Breanna took a video of her daughter professing her love for Houston Texans star defensive lineman J.J. Watt.

In the video, which has now gone viral, young Breanna sobs, saying she wished she was 25 years old so she could marry Watt. The Pro Bowler caught wind of the video and arranged a meeting with the young girl where he dropped to one knee, presented a ring pop.

He posted the magical moment to his Twitter account Wednesday.