San Francisco officials urge football fans to behave


Gascon warned fans that their mug shots will be made public if they are caught engaging in any kind of violence or vandalism. Friday afternoon, he displayed the mug shots of 14 people arrested for crimes that occurred the night the San Francisco Giants won the World Series. Those people have either been prosecuted or are in the process of going before a judge.

"The consequences for going out there hurting someone, damaging property are very severe," Gascon said.

Police will double the number of officers on the streets. Also, diesel buses will replace the electric ones which are hard to get around crowds.

Following the Giants victory, trash dumpsters were set on fire outside some businesses in the city's Mission District. The city will get them all off the streets before Sunday's contest.

San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee and other officials recently toured the Mission District, promising merchants that the city is better prepared this time around. Mission merchant, Dominick Barcelona says that puts him at ease. "All these stores cleared out to get on the street. But we just closed early. It's not a big deal, we're really known in the neighborhood. I don't think anything is going to happen to the store," he said.

Patricia Vigil of Puerto Alegre restaurant says her business will monitor the amount of alcohol that is being served, "Our servers are really good. They all know. They're watching everybody and seeing how many drinks they are having per hour and just keeping an eye on it," she said.

Anthony Wilson says he will ask others in his neighborhood to celebrate with dignity, "It ain't time for violence," he said. "You win the championship, it's not time for violence whether we win or lose."

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