49ers fans flock to New Orleans for Super Bowl 47


In New Orleans, it's always a party. But something feels different now, special.

49ers fans have arrived in mass numbers. And they all have a tale to tell of how they got here.

The Devaneys are from Sacramento. Michael went online before the championship game was even over and his family's fate was sealed

"I knew then, about a minute, minute and a half after the game that they were going," Michael said. "So I bought the tickets and I said we'll worry about all the arrangements later. It didn't work out, we tried to get flights, but we couldn't so we said we're driving."

Lili Devaney added, "We decorated our car on the way here, so, the whole drive here we were getting honks and it was a lot of fun."

Joe Talmadge Sr. is here from San Francisco. He's a season ticket holder and maybe the world's most generous Niner fan.

"I was picked in the lottery, so I have two tickets, Talmadge said. "I gave my two tickets to my son and daughter, and I bought mine." His ticket cost $1,400. It's on the 50 yard line.

You don't have to be from San Francisco or even California to be a 49ers fan. Meet Curtis Potter, from Mississippi.

"Patrick Willis, I'm wearing his number," Potter said. "Hey, you know what I'm saying! So we gotta support all the Mississippi homeboys."

A t-shirt is one thing, but Carlos Lima has taken his gear to a whole new level

"My license plate, I've had it for years and years," San Francisco resident Carlos Lima said. "My last name is Lima, so 49ers Lima, that's what I am." What he isn't is a ticket holder. But that's okay; life's good when you're a 49ers Faithful.

Remember Terry White, season ticket holder for decades who has been to all five Niner Super Bowl wins but didn't get picked in the lottery this year? I just talked to him, he's here in New Orleans. His story got so much media attention that the team's owner Jed York contacted him, gave him two tickets, flew him and his nephew on the family jet, and put them up in a hotel.

White says he and his nephew are at the team hotel, they plan on staking it out to see if they can run into any of the players.

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