Oakland car theft leads to fatal crash

OAKLAND, Calif. The video shows in real time how quickly a car crash that killed one person almost took the lives of two others.

The video captures the exact moment a Jeep broadsides a Honda, flips on to its roof and kills the driver inside. The pedestrian, standing on the southeast corner of Foothill Boulevard and 36th Avenue, has no idea what's coming next and barely escapes getting crushed.

The driver of the Honda wasn't as fortunate. "I was in shock, I thought she was dead," said Elizabeth Prieto, whose sister Monique was driving the Honda.

She was driving north on Foothill Blvd., preparing to make a right turn when she was hit. The impact was so strong it left the Honda in a tangled heap of fiberglass and steel.

Monique wasn't seriously injured in the crash but she is shaken up. "She's not in a trauma area. They put her in a room and she says her arm hurts," Prieto said.

Police believe that speed was a key factor in the crash.

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