Oakland's new consultant lays out plan to fight crime


The aim of the meeting was to lay out the basics in the consulting firm's plan to get a hold on the city's crime problems.

Robert Wasserman, the chairman of the Strategic Policy Partnership, went through a detailed power point presentation that lays out a few key points about how the Oakland police should operate.

One of the biggest changes will be cutting the city up into five geographic areas, assigning a police captain to each of those areas, and then assigning resources and responsibility to that captain to control crime in his area.

Wasserman says this will help make the police department more responsive when there is crime, "When this happens in Oakland, you're gonna know who's the captain that has your area," he said. "And that captain will be available all the time. When you have concerns that captain's gonna know them."

Oakland resident Bonnie Nishkin said, "It's hard because you don't want to put bars up in your house so, I hope today really pays off because we really a have to do something."

Also at the meeting, Mayor Jean Quan and Police Chief Howard Jordan; but, noticeably absent was former Los Angeles police chief and lead consultant Bill Bratton. It appears the city wanted to avoid any controversy his name scared up because of certain tactics, and they asked him to take a less central, visible role in this process.

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