San Leandro home burglary caught on tape


Two neighborhoods have been hard hit by thieves. In fact, there have been 30 burglaries in just the last month and now police are taking some steps to try and warn those neighborhoods.

On Wednesday, the SLPD released a video showing a couple of would-be burglars casing a San Leandro home. They knock on the door, peep through the mail slot, and try to pry open a window never realizing that a camera has caught them in the act.

Randy Brandt of the San Leandro Police Department was grateful for the recording.

"And this is just a household camera and can you imagine being a victim reviewing this, knowing that those people are out there and you have footage of them doing it," he said.

Brandt showed ABC7 the video Wednesday hoping that someone will recognize the two men and turn them in.

One San Leandro neighborhood has been hit by a string of burglaries in the past couple of months.

"I will say last week about a block away they had another one so for some reason I don't know why they're hitting our neighborhood," said resident, Jim Zoffada.

Wednesday, outside of a grocery store, the police hit back. A team of 10 officers and volunteers roamed the parking lot checking cars for valuables left in plain sight and talking with residents about taking precaution.

"Put things away when you stop. Don't leave money out, don't leave any mail or anything that anybody can take and get your address," said crime prevention officer, Jennifer Crosby.

The police say they have used social media and the news media to get crime prevention messages out to the community. But crime wasn't slowing down so they're taking a far more direct approach, setting up shop outside the grocery store.

"We're asking have they seen any suspicious activity. If they do, don't hesitate to call," said Brant.

He says the police haven't caught the two suspects in the video but they've got great pictures of them. They're telling residents of targeted areas to work with them and they will do all they can to stop the recent crime spree.

"We're going to get resources there fast knowing that we have a problem we're trying to deal with or some crime issues," Brandt said.

The police will be holding similar events in the targeted communities in the northeast and southwest parts of the city. They will be on the alert and if the break-ins move to other parts town they will be there too.

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