Girl wrongly eliminated from spelling bee

Sierra Shoemaker, 12, was eliminated from the Selma School District spelling bee last week. The judge claimed she spelled the word "braille" incorrectly. It turns out, Sierra was the one who was right, but no one spoke up during the competition.

"I didn't really want to say anything because when the word master tells you spelled a word wrong you don't really want to argue with him," Sierra said. "So I was shocked I kind of just said what? I looked around at the audience and half of them were looking at each other murmuring."

Sierra was given the second place trophy and sent on her way.

Even though everyone knew she spelled the word right, an appeal filed on sierra's behalf was denied. But her school wouldn't take no for an answer. They appealed the appeal, and won.

Sierra will now be allowed to compete in the Fresno County bee.

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