Out-of-control car ends up on roof in Glendale


Galina Wynn and her husband were in the Cadillac when it went airborne and landed on top of the home. She says they came down the hill and couldn't stop as they turned the corner.

"I was so scared and I thought it would be the end because it was very bad," Galina said. "But I don't think I broke anything. And I can see myself and my husband are very, very lucky."

When she opened the door, Galina said she saw the edge of the roof. The car came to rest on the edge of a retaining wall. Firefighters got a ladder to get the couple down from the roof.

There was someone in the house where the car landed but he wasn't hurt.

In order to remove the car, the fire department called for a crane to do the heavy lifting. The vehicle has major damage, but remarkably the roof needs only minor repairs.

Investigators say they will have the car tested to see if it had any mechanical problems.

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