College student killed in San Francisco Mission District shooting


The young man's family says he was a star athlete and an honor student in both high school and college. He'd been away at college for the past two years. They say he had no enemies and never had anything to do with gangs. They just can't understand why he was shot.

The 19-year-old was shot right in front of his home on Bryant Street near 24th Street. It happened at 3:06 a.m. Saturday.

Neighbor Luis Salinas says he was coming home from a nightclub when he saw a car pull over in front of 2617 Bryant and a man get out.

"There were two guys walking this way," Salinas said. "But he only went for one person only, so he just let it roll. He shot em, shot em, shot em, shot em, and took off and that was it."

"He was coming home from dancing or hanging out with friends and they shot him right in front of the house," said Jacob's cousin, Anabella Valdiviezo.

The front of the home is now crowded with grief stricken relatives and friends. There has been a steady stream of flower deliveries and condolences.

Family members say Jacob was an athlete who graduated with honors from Archbishop Riordan High School. He was a sophomore at Lewis and Clark University in Portland, Oregon where he was a wide receiver on their football team. He's number 13. He was also studying economics and had just returned home for the spring break holiday.

"He wasn't affiliated with gangs or anything," Anabella said. "He wasn't even around here, he was here for spring break."

San Francisco police say that Jacob and his friend were asked if they belonged to a gang by a man approximately 30-years-old before he was shot at least three times.

Homicide investigators interviewed residents and neighbors to try and identify a suspect. They checked out the outdoor security camera at a nearby grocery store. Unfortunately the shooting scene is just out of camera range.

Neighbor Mary Magee, who was jarred awake by the gunshots, is saddened by the loss of another young life.

"To see these young people, his friends you know, so impacted, so traumatized, when is this going to stop?" Magee asked.

San Francisco police have not released a description of the man who fired the shots nor of the driver of the car he got into and sped away with. Two neighbors we spoke with say they saw the shooter get into a grey 4-door sedan.

Anyone with information in regards to this incident is asked to contact SFPD anonymously at 415-575-4444 or text-a-tip to TIP411 with SFPD in the beginning of the message. You may also contact Homicide Division at 415-553-1145.

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