Community raises money for Martinez boy hurt in Boston


At exactly 10:40 a.m., the same time runners started the Boston Marathon, people hit the track at Alhambra High School to raise money for Aaron, the Martinez boy they all call amazing.

"Aaron has been such an inspiration to us since he came to our elementary school, and the Hern family is so wonderful," said the 11-year-old's 5th grade teacher, Jeanne Jones. "Aaron, I'm out here, I ran three miles for you!"

Aaron was waiting for his mom to cross the finish line when the second blast hit, sending shrapnel into his legs.

"It was really hard," said James Mason, Aaron's best friend. "I pretty much almost cried. It was terrible. I mean almost losing your best friend, it's terrible, it's horrible."

Aaron underwent two surgeries and was released from the hospital last Wednesday. Remarkably, he took his first steps the next day.

On Sunday, everyone made strides for Aaron, his parents, and his 10-year-old sister who witnessed the explosions.

"Aaron and Abby are very special kids to us, and I know I myself have had tears, the kids have had tears," Hern family friend Karen Mason said. "It's a family that, we consider those kids our family."

Aaron turns 12 this Wednesday. The hope is that he'll be back by then. But even once he's home, the recovery process will continue.

"His physical things might heal faster, but the emotional part is going to take a long time," fundraiser organizer Amanda Tamo said.

If you'd like to donate to help the Hern family, click here.

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