San Lorenzo sheriff deputies fatally shoot 3 pit bulls


It happened Saturday on Via Coches near Via Segundo close to the Hayward city line.

Two of the pit bulls died instantly. A third was shot in the paw and survived, and the fourth was later put down by deputies at the request of the dog's owner.

Authorities say they were looking for a drug and car theft suspect at the house when the pit bulls charged.

A neighbor told ABC7 News that deputies could have responded differently.

"It was sloppy. I just think it was sloppy. Watching it was sloppy. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was pow pow pow. Having to watch the dogs die right there and having to watch the dogs suffer, that was the worst part," neighbor Mark Baxter said.

Deputies say they had no choice but to shoot the pit bulls when they began attacking "their" canine.

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