Out of control party trashes Aptos house

APTOS, Calif.

The homeowner is faced with tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Her house was ransacked and trashed during an impromptu party that brought as many as 300 people onto the property.

It was supposed to be a night of baking cupcakes and watching a movie among four friends, but according to the homeowner, one of the friends sent out a text saying that a party was underway at the house. That message quickly made the rounds on social media.

Autumn Knapp, 17, says by the time she got to the party, it was already getting out of control.

"As I was walking up to the house I heard some of the neighbors calling the police, so I turned right around," she said.

Deputies arrested 18-year-old Live Oak resident Anthony Arroyo as he was trying to leave the party. They say he was in possession of a rifle, a shotgun and jewelry stolen from the house.

As for the vandalism, no one's been arrested for the vandalism, but the homeowner, who wants to remain anonymous, has some harsh words for the people responsible.

"Shame on you and shame on your parents; you know, think twice about how it affects somebody," she said.

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