Bay Area residents attempt to beat the heat


People in the East Bay tried to run but they could not hide from the extreme weather.

Larry Wilkes, a construction worker in Antioch, doesn't mind working in the heat. His job helps support three children.

"Don't think about it. Just do the job," he said.

Wilkes estimates he drinks three gallons of water on a day like this.

Samera Khalali and Nazifa Fazli picked today to volunteer at a car washing fundraiser for autism.

With rain earlier in the week and triple-digit temperatures today, Khalali described the weather as "bi-polar."

At the Pittsburg Marina, jet skis ruled this hot, dry Friday. But none of that would have been allowed inside the Antioch Water Park which began to feel crowded by noon. The water was cold. The pavement was hot and the kids had brave soles on the bottoms of their feet.

"I don't think you can fry your feet because they are different from eggs and they're solids," said park goer Calder Abbot.

Temperatures on Saturday are expected to be warmer.

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