Tourists renting GoCars get stranded on Bay Bridge


The three-wheeled GoCars are a popular way for tourists to experience San Francisco. The Bay Bridge is definitely not part of the deal. But that's where one family ended up Wednesday and got stranded.

Mike Norton and his family had fun renting two for the afternoon.

"We took our time through the city," he said. "Saw some sights."

The cars are guided by GPS. Bridges and freeways are off limits. And you must watch a short video before heading out

But one family driving three GoCars likely got confused, took a wrong turn, and somehow found themselves on the Bay Bridge.

The CHP says one of the tiny cars then stalled near Treasure Island in the fast lane, while the other two made it across. Nobody was hurt, but no one knows how it could've happened.

"I don't know how that would happen," Mike said. "They give you a little training before. They tell you don't take any bridges. I don't know what would possess you to take the bridge!"

"That would be scary," Marcella Norton said. "I wouldn't take that wrong turn, I'd make sure I'd turn around and go the right way. It tells you if you're off track."

The cars have as much power as a scooter and can only go 45 miles per hour. The CHP says the family who got lost did not speak English, even though GoCar offers GPS audio in several languages.

"I was freaked out and we were just in normal traffic in the city," tourist Brenden Burgdorf said. "Can't imagine being on the bridge. They must have just been out of their minds!"

Employees at GoCar's office at Fisherman's Wharf didn't want to talk about the excursion gone wrong.

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