Many in Silicon Valley curious about new "Jobs" movie

SAN JOSE, Calif.

The movie titled simply "Jobs" is the first of two to hit movie theaters. And just like new tech products, there have to be early adopters who have to be the first to check it out.

Reviews have been mixed about the movie, "Jobs." However, in Silicon Valley where people worked at Apple, or knew people who did during Jobs' lifetime, the movie rings true.

"I think it was pretty honest because I always heard he was a pretty tough guy to work for, and they certainly didn't hold back in that arena. Some of the stuff he did, he looked like a jerk," said Campbell resident Frank Lesher.

However, not one person offered praise for Ashton Kutcher's portrayal of Steve Jobs. They did credit the film for not trying to smooth out the rough edges of a young visionary known to be difficult to work with.

"He was very tough. He was very committed with a real vision, maybe a little rougher than I even realized, based on the movie, but then again, I've heard stories that say probably very real," said Los Gatos resident Richard Dym.

A movie fan whose husband went to school with Jobs said the film revealed something she didn't know.

"I think how tortured he was in his personal life, even more than what I'd read before. He was really tortured, but he was such a visionary that that outweighed the other," said Saratoga resident Karen Schraga.

We reached out to the real Steve Wozniak for his reaction on how he was portrayed in the movie. After this story aired, he told us he thought the "Jobs" movie has a lousy script. He said he chose not to work on that film and opted to work on a Sony film instead. He said he preferred a fresh start.

The film doesn't try to cover Jobs' entire life, only the part from college to the creation of the iPod. And that caused one movie goer to knock it.

"I think I'd give it a B. I kind of wish they'd had the Pixar part of it," said Los Gatos resident Lea Ann Hernandez.

Another theater patron showed up with no intention of seeing the Jobs movie.

Movie goer Diane Crandell: "I thought we knew everything about him, don't we? Enough's enough."
Louie: "So there's no compelling reason for you to see the movie?"
Crandell: "No."

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