Great white shark sighting closes Stinson Beach


The two incidents may be related.

The Great White shark was first spotted by a lifeguard Monday around 3 p.m. as it was attacking a sea lion, not far from where the beached fin whale died. The water was a little bloody at the time, as veterinarians had cut into the whale to perform a necropsy. Locals speculate that the blood in the water may have attracted the shark.

Kate Harle at the Marine Mammal Center told ABC7 News they don't believe the shark actually caused the injuries to the whale. Veterinarians there think the whale was injured when it was struck by something, and they say that injury is likely what led to the whale beaching itself.

They say it's very possible the shark was drawn to the area because the whale was bleeding a little from its injuries.

Stinson Beach has been closed to swimmers and surfers for the next five days. To compound the situation, just a couple miles up the beach Muir Beach is also closed for scheduled repairs.

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