Prosecutors say evidence connects Naso to Tiburon murder


Prosecutors hope to use the evidence of more possible victims in the sentencing phase of his trial that begins next month.

Naso could get the death penalty.

Web Exclusive: Serial killer doesn't get it

It looks like Joe Naso doesn't get it. Several times at a motions hearing today in Marin County Superior Court, he told the judge, "It wasn't proven I committed these murders. ... They have no proof I actually killed these people." However, the judge reminded Naso that a jury convicted him last week for four counts of first degree murder with special circumstances, making him eligible for the death penalty. Judge Andrew Sweet expressed concern that Naso has not made any motions and has not indicated he will call any witnesses during the sentencing phase that starts Sept. 4.

Before lunch, Naso asked the judge if he could just agree to everything the prosecution is planning for the sentencing phase, so he could go back to his cell: "We're having soup today and I like my cell."

Prosecutors outlined their plans for next week. The judge will allow them to put on evidence that Naso killed a sixth woman. Sharieea Patton's body was found on a remote beach along Paradise Drive in Tiburon in 1981. She was 56. Prosecutors say she lived at 839 Leavenworth in San Francisco, a building that Naso managed at the time. Patton died of strangulation and her naked body was bound with pantyhose, the same as Naso victim Roxene Roggasch. Prosecutors say Naso described Patton in writings found when he was arrested at his Reno home. On Naso's list of 10, what investigators referred to as a "dump list" of where he put the bodies, prosecutors say Patton appears to be number seven, listed as "Lady from 839 Leavenworth". Naso also had a journal with a "list of 40". Number 15 reads, "Lady from Tahoe-LA-SF 839 L SF 1982-81". Patton lived in Tahoe and LA, before coming to San Francisco. Her daughter identified a white rabbit fur coat on a woman photographed by Naso, as being her mother's.

Roxene Roggasch's son, Carmen Colon's two daughters, and Pam Parsons' daughter will be giving victim impact statements during the sentencing phase.

Prosecutors will also be allowed to present evidence that Naso aided and abetted his own wife's rape. Prosecutors say Naso's ex-wife will testify that he admitted drugging her during a night out in San Francisco in December 1976 and that she woke up to find two strange men sexually assaulting her, while Naso watched.

Other women will testify that Naso raped them, and one of his former girlfriends will testify that he choked her until she passed out and then sent her threatening letters after she broke up with him. Naso wrote that men wear all sorts of masks and "you haven't seen the worst of it yet."

The judge will not allow two photographs found in Naso's safe deposit box to be shown to the jury. They're apparently of the same women from the waist down, wearing different undergarments. An expert testified that she appears to be dead from the marbling on her skin. Prosecutors argued that Naso took the picture in his house "with the same brown carpet". However, Judge Sweet said he "is uncomfortable with the pictures coming into evidence" without more information about who the victim is and what happened to her.

Naso was convicted of killing four women:

  • Roxene Roggasch, 18, found along Sir Francis Drake Boulevard near Fairfax, January 11, 1977
  • Carmen Colon, 21, found off Carquinez Scenic Highway in Port Costa, August 13, 1978
  • Pam Parsons, 39, found at an orchard in Linda, Yuba County, September 19, 1993
  • Tracy Tafoya, 31, found along Highway 70 at Marysville Cemetery in Yuba County

During the guilt phase, the prosecution brought up a fifth victim that I investigated – Sara Dylan, whose skull was found in Nevada County. Naso had her passport and driver's license in his safe deposit box, along with a note in his handwriting with the date prosecutors say she may have been killed. You can see my report here.

And next week, we'll hear more about a possible sixth victim, Sharieea Patton.

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