Gusty winds wreak havoc across the Bay Area

"It was a pretty wild storm; the electricity went out at least four times, the doors were shaking all night; the widows were rattling," said Jeff Ponting, Oakland.

He knew it sounded bad, but he didn't see how bad until he came out later in the morning and discovered his neighbor's tree lying in the driveway.

"Pretty amazing, I'm glad it wasn't in my driveway," said Ponting.

The storm tore up an area of fences in Oakland on Monterey Boulevard. A knocked down tree at Skyline and Redwood Road started a small fire when it crashed, it was quickly put out. But the debris from this tree created quite a mess.

In Contra Costa County, a downed tree outside Alamo in the community of Diablo blocked the road into the Diablo Country Club neighborhood.

In San Leandro, a huge tree came down on Halceon Avenue, coming uncomfortably close to the people who usually arrive at a scene like this after the fact.

"It actually fell right in front of us," said San Leandro Police Ofc. Jason Fletcher.

Officer Fletcher and his partner were driving on the other side of the road when they saw it come down.

"You've got a loud crack at least on this one and then it's like watching a film in slow motion and it comes straight down," said Fletcher.

Gusting winds are being blamed for knocking two stories of scaffolding into a set of power lines last night in San Francisco. The scaffolding was set up against a building under renovation at 20th and Deharo streets. PG&E crews were called out to fix the damage to the lines.

Also in San Francisco, a huge tree blew over blocking three of the four lanes of traffic on Masonic Avenue and Fell Street this morning. Clean-up crews chopped up the 50-foot long tree.

In Napa, a tree crashed into a pickup truck in Napa. It happened in the area of Solano and Oak Knoll avenues. The branches completely shattered the windshield and went into the truck. There is no word on any injuries.

Winds will continue to blow at 25-35 mph, with gusts up to 50 mph today. The fastest winds will be in the North Bay mountains, East Bay Hills and the Diablo Range until 3 p.m. The winds are expected to relax this evening.

Dry conditions and the high winds have triggered a Red Flag Warning for elevations about 1,000 feet in the Bay Area until 6 a.m. tomorrow.

Some of the trees that have fallen took down power lines and that's led to numerous outages in the Bay Area.

Here are the outages as of 11AM:

700 customers in the East Bay
353 South Bay
227 North Bay
230 San Francisco
33 on the Peninsula

PG&E is reminding people to stay away from any power lines on the ground.

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