Report: Pilots in Asiana Airlines report throttle glitch


The investigation is on hold right now because of the government shutdown, but the Wall Street Journal, citing people familiar with the investigation, says there's a discrepancy. The Journal reports NTSB investigators have not found any mechanical nor electrical problems with the twin-engine jet prior to impact yet.

The same sources say the pilots told investigators they believe the automated speed-control system, called auto-throttle, disconnected on its own, allegedly without any warning to the crew -- supporting the pilot account: Asiana 777 maintenance logs show a number of "uncommanded auto-throttle disconnects." Asiana officials reportedly plan to bring that up to the NTSB in person, when they visit the board in the coming months.

Early next year, the NTSB is scheduled to hold a public hearing on the crash. Board officials said earlier in their investigation that maybe the pilots did not correctly activate the automated controls. Neither the NTSB nor Asiana Airlines have commented on the Wall Street Journal report.

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