Shutdown continues to frustrate Bay Area residents


Jim Madden made up a sign and stood in front of the Cliff house restaurant, closed because of the government shutdown. The San Bruno resident said he felt the need to criticize both political parties. "They're like some children in a schoolyard having a brawl and they want to take their marbles and go home," he said.

Not every restaurant that sits on federal land is closed. Louis', which is only a few paces away, is open for business. "We did have a concession contract with them previously but now, we have a lease with them and since we have a lease, they said we can remain open. And since Cliff House has a concession contract, they have to close," Thomas Hotalas expalined.

Judith Stout of New Hampshire makes it a point to eat at the Cliff House when she's in San Francisco. "This does not need to be closed. The people who work here are hired by the concession and they won't get paid. The government employees, maybe eventually will get paid, and that's just giving them permission to stay home," she said.

At Crissy Field, it's the same story. All concessionaires were closed and drivers were not allowed to park their cars there

The government shutdown is also affecting children's creativity. Every year, public elementary school students in San Francisco participate in the Leap Sandcastle Contest. Architects and engineers help them create works of art made of sand. But because the competition is held at Ocean Beach, the event has been postponed.

Ocean Beach is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. "Because of the federal government, they weren't agreeing on something, so they had to shut down beaches and other stuff," said student Renee Huang.

The competition brings in donations and contributions that help fund art programs in the school district. That too is now put on hold.

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