Growing number of women abusing alcohol

ABC News reports that according to Justice Department statistics, DUI arrests among women are up almost 30 percent in nine years while men's rates have decreased.

And the number of women aged 45-54 seeking treatment for alcohol abuse has tripled in 15 years, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

It can be a sneaky addiction for women, who often hide it for years from their loved ones.

"I drank nightly," secret drinker Heather King said. "I added a lot more. I would run the water in the sink so he wouldn't hear the glug glug glug of the bottle going into the glass."

So how do you know if it's becoming a problem?

Experts say to ask yourself these questions -- are you looking forward to a drink a little too much? Is this medication? Do you have to hide it?

Experts also say to be aware of why you are drinking and what feelings it might be masking.

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