Dog attack in Antioch leaves several people injured


We understand that a man was walking his two dogs on the block when he was attacked by two other dogs that charged at him from an open area.

In the midst of the screams and calls for help, neighbors responded to all the commotion. The dogs then turned and attacked at least three other people.

The victims are all adults who suffered bites to their extremities -- arms, legs, and faces.

Residents in the quiet neighborhood were frightened by the screams.

"I saw cars, like everywhere, honking, then I heard screaming," Antioch resident Marie Gutierrez said. "Then there was a bunch of cop cars out here and I was scared. Then I heard gunshots so I ran inside and I was really scared."

When officers arrived on the scene the dogs turned from the people they were attacking and charged at the officers. They fired four shots, killing one of the dogs. The second dog ran away but officers were able to capture it. That dog has been quarantined. Officials are checking to see if either dog has rabies.

All four people who were bitten by the dogs have been transported to local hospitals.

Police say they do not know who owns the dogs or where the animals came from.

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