JetBlue flight from Long Beach to SFO delayed after possible threat


Police boarded the plane and escorted a man off of a JetBlue flight.

"This is almost word for word, this plane is gonna go down, this plane is going to be destroyed," passenger Patrick Alexander said.

That's what one passenger told us he overheard a man seated near him scream aboard JetBlue Flight 1136.

"He said it so loud in volume that he caught my attention," Alexander said.

ABC7 News spoke exclusively with Alexander, who caught parts of the scary and confusing moments on his smartphone.

"My hands were shaking. I was nervous the entire time, my heart was racing," he said.

The flight was en route to SFO from Long Beach. Patrick says as soon as the flight crew became aware of the threat, they called airport security and they had police meet the plane when it landed.

Officers at SFO boarded the plane and immediately identified and escorted the passenger off the plane.

"They took the guy off of the plane and maybe the threat is still on the plane, but the rest of the passengers had to stay on board," Alexander said.

The flight was delayed for about 45 minutes. Officials have not identified the passenger and there have been no reports of injuries.

Authorities have not said if the passenger escorted from the plane has been charged with a crime.

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