Survivors of Typhoon Haiyan return to the Bay Area


Routine may be the reality of a 56-year-old marriage, but there was nothing routine with this reunion of Rosie and Alberto Aldueza at San Francisco International Airport this morning.

"Well, I'm so happy to see her. I'm so happy," said Alberto Aldueza.

Rosie was in Lipa in the province of Botangas visiting her family when Typhoon Haiyan hit. She says it rained hard and the wind was strong knocking out power and shutting down the water supply, but her thoughts were with the people who were hit directly by the typhoon.

"In Tacloban it's really, really bad. Lots of people died. Tacloban is one place that is really wiped out and you can see there is nothing left behind. It's terrible," said Rosie Aldueza.

In Manila, just north of Lipa, Burt Gaviloa was on vacation when the typhoon hit

"In Manila we were okay -- a little wind and rain," said Gaviloa.

He talked by phone to his friends in his home province and heard parts were destroyed by the powerful storm leaving people looking for shelter and food. But he says the U.S. is helping. Americans and other countries are delivering supplies and also helping people escape the devastated areas, by carrying hundreds by plane to Manila.

"They're afraid that people might, you know because they're hungry, they might rob and kill each other or something like that," said Gaviloa.

People from the Bay Area are also trying to get to the Philippines. It's about $1,500 for a roundtrip ticket to Manila. Many people are packing supplies and also cash to take to their family members.

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