Preparations underway for last 49ers game at Candlestick Park


The stadium crews are going about preparations as usual.

It's the last time maintenance crew member Jose Alvarez will do this particular paint job

"I'm gonna miss it. I love to paint these logos," Alvaraz said.

He's been painting the field at Candlestick Park for the past 22 years.

"They can see it all over the world, my work, but they don't know me. They don't know who does it, but now they do," Alvarez said.

He's been here a long time, but not as long as the 49ers.

The team moved to Candlestick Park in 1971.

"This is where the 49ers play, it's where the Giants played, so we always took pride in the appearance of it, you know we tried to prepare the field like it was a championship game every time," maintenance crew member Roger Revel said.

The preparations include power-washing walkways, cleaning suites, changing light bulbs and checking generators.

And it all culminates with a four hour, white glove walk through the day before the game.

"It's kind of like just another Monday night game. I've been here quite a long time, we've had a quite a few Monday night games here, but it's a little, it hasn't really sunken in yet," stadium manager Michael Gay said.

On Tuesday, the day after Christmas Eve, he says they'll clean up Candlestick Park and do checks as usual in case there's a playoff game.

Meanwhile, Alvarez is following in Candlestick's footsteps by getting ready to retire.

"It's a little sad, but then again, I'm getting older, so it's time for me to stop too," he said.

Alvarez says he's taking a souvenir from the stadium, but he won't say what it is.

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