Avoiding a hangover starts with alcohol choices

An Agave Margarita and gin Martini made by mixologist Jacques Bezuidenhout sit on a bar in the Starlight Room of the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco.

December 31, 2013 8:00:57 PM PST
Many of us plan on celebrating New Year's Eve tonight in one way or another. Odds are you'll be making a toast or two -- and there is new research on avoiding a hangover.

Scientists say it takes 5-7 drinks for men to feel the effects of drinking too much and 3-4 for women. The two main triggers are alcohol and sugar.

The study in the Annals of Internal Medicine says to choose drinks with lower alcohol content and avoid sugary mixers.

Stick with clear alcohol like vodka and gin because they don't contain a byproduct that increases the severity of a hangover.

If you're a red wine drinker, aim for dryer reds with lower alcohol content.

And always eat something so you don't drink on an empty stomach.