Antioch kidnapping suspect speaks from jail


The kidnapping happened Friday night when the girl was taken from the driveway of her Antioch home. An AMBER Alert ultimately led police to their suspect -- David Allen Douglas. Tuesday night, he spoke from jail about what happened. And for starters, he admits he did it.

Douglas says he did not harm the little girl and kidnapping her wasn't his idea. He spoke about a government conspiracy to control every aspect of his life, including his decision to linger around big-box stores and follow three different small children the day he took the girl. He said he abducted her because she would be the easiest to grab.

He later followed the little girl and her mom to their home, where he watched them pull into the driveway.

"I actually just walked up to her and she came with me relatively easy, I mean, I appeared to be someone who could be familiar to her, you know, with her ethnicity," said Douglas. "So I just sort of put my hands out, and she was kind of startled but she put her hand out and she just, kind of, came with me. And then she turned back and said, 'mommy' after we were already getting out of the car. And that's when her mom came and was alarmed. And I had to kind of hurry up and scoot her out of there.

But we were both terrified. She was, when she, I got her in the car, she said she was scared. She said, 'I'm scared.' I said, 'I know, I'm scared too.' We were both shaken up for about an hour; it took us both to calm down.

That's not something that, I have a son of my own who's the same age. And, it's just a bizarre situation that I really need to get out of desperately."

Douglas told ABC7 News he was expecting the police to show up at the Antioch Marina where he's been living in his car for two months after his family kicked him out. But on the way there they stopped at several hotels, looking for more comfortable accommodations.

Douglas specifically denies being mentally ill, but he does say he'd like to speak to a psychologist. He hopes that will help get the government conspiracy off his back.

He offered a long and tearful apology to the little girl and her family and said he's sincerely sorry for terrifying them.

Douglas will remain in jail where he's being held on a $4 million bond.

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