Sephora customers frustrated by cancelled orders

Cindy Liu enjoys her make-up. She's such a loyal Sephora customer she was recently upgraded in October to VIP status. So she was a bit surprised about what happened to her right before the holidays.

"They reward me as a frequent shopper and then I got punished," she said.

More than $900 in orders she placed were suddenly cancelled.

Dozens of other customers complained on Sephora's chat page that their orders have been cancelled as well.

"Sephora never give us the reason, just tell us you violated our terms of use, but didn't tell us what exactly we violated," Liu said.

The terms of use are full of legalese. It does ban the resale of its products, which Liu says she did not do.

"I was treated as a criminal; I don't think I break the policy," she said.

7 On Your Side contacted Sephora and it sent her an email that stated her orders were cancelled due to a system error that has now been rectified. Her account is now in good standing.

In a statement, Sephora told 7 On Your Side it is "dedicated to our clients and every aspect of their shopping experience with us. While we are deeply sorry that Ms. Liu faced an issue with her order, we are pleased to have resolved it for her."

Sephora is inviting anyone who is displeased with their orders being cancelled to contact their customer service department. Many already have; it'll be interesting to see if the response changes now that Sephora is admitting it made a mistake, at least in Cindy's case.

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