49ers fans go to extremes to show love


The "Quest for Six" continues on the field for the 49ers and it continues on the road for Randy Joerger's Nissan Quest minivan. The 49er fan is just two signatures short of having the whole team on his red and gold helmet.

"Aldon Smith and Justin Smith," he told ABC7 News. "That's about it. I was very lucky I got Kaepernick one day. Kaepernick stopped one day so I was real happy on that one."

Apparently you just have to get Colin Kaepernick's attention to get his autograph. One fan got a tattoo of the star quarterback on his leg and waved him down heading into the team's headquarters in Santa Clara. Kaepernick was so amused he signed the fan's calf.

And it's not just the 49ers giving to the fans. Sometimes the fans give back to the team. Remember the infamous no-call during last year's Super Bowl? Fan Dyllion Mustoe bought a t-shirt and sweatshirt from Heroics Clothing in San Francisco of Jim Harbaugh's reaction He gave the t-shirt to the head coach Thursday night.

"Coach came out and I was happy to give it to him. I had it in my hand. I rolled it out when he stopped and he loved it. He loved it," Mustoe recalled.

It's a sea of red and gold at Sports Fever in Campbell where 49ers fever has taken over. They're selling about 25-30 jerseys a day and expect to double their 49ers business leading up to Sunday's game. Anything with red, gold or Kaepernick on it is flying off the shelves. Asked if they'll be ready for a Super Bowl run, employee Kevin McCormick said, "Oh yeah, that will be great. I think we'll be OK."

In case you're wondering, there are Seahawks fans in the Bay Area. Sports Fever said they've sold about 60 percent of their Seahawks merchandise, since Christmas. And they put it all in the back because they want Seahawks fans to work for it.

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