Light rain won't help North Bay farmers

The light rain we're getting won't really help farmers in the North Bay who need a lot more water to help their businesses.
January 29, 2014 12:00:00 AM PST
Some people in the North Bay are getting more concerned about the dry conditions with each passing day.

In Petaluma, the pastures are usually green this time of year, giving dairy farmers a break on their feed costs. One dairy farmer says she's now paying twice as much for hay to feed 400 cows -- a whopping $10,000 dollars a week.

"Truly this effects all of agriculture. It's going to effect the beef producer, and pork producer. It's going to trickle down through all of agriculture," said Susan Bianchi, Bianchi Dairy.

"If it doesn't rain considerably in the next six weeks we're going to have mandatory restrictions. I just feel there's no other way," said Sonoma County Supervisor David Rabbitt.

If the Santa Rosa area gets a quarter of an inch of rain from this storm, it'll still need about 19 more inches to get back on track.