Dublin, parts of San Ramon asked to cut water usage by 20 percent

DUBLIN, Calif.

The Dublin San Ramon Services District's board of directors on Tuesday unanimously declared a community drought emergency and called for the 20 percent cut for its roughly 67,000 customers, according to district officials.

Customers are being asked to reduce their indoor water use by 5 percent and outdoor water use 40 percent.

The cuts are part of the district's Drought Response Action Plan, which also seeks to use recycled water in place of potable water wherever possible.

The emergency declaration and action plan come weeks after the State Water Project announced it would not provide any water this year to the Zone 7 Water Agency -- the district's main wholesale water supplier.

"This is an emergency and I'm pleased with how quickly staff pulled together our Drought Response Action Plan and how quickly they're taking action to reduce potable water use in our service area," district board President Georgean Vonheeder-Leopold said.

The district has already curtailed its own potable water use by using recycled water instead of potable irrigation systems at district facilities and by using recycled water for sewer cleaning and other regular maintenance, according to district officials.

The board is set to meet again in the spring to determine whether harsher restrictions will be needed to respond to the drought.

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