Sanitation worker praised for rescuing US flag

Jeremy Fischer does 1,000 pick-ups every day. At one house, he saw the Stars and Stripes crumpled, dirty, and wet on the ground. He picked up the flag. Folded it with military precision and put it on a post outside the home.

Jeremy had no idea a neighbor was watching. That neighbor, Nancy Neet, put a message on the disposal company's Facebook page, praising his actions. Media and blogs across the nation picked up the story.

"No one else saw this going on except me and God, and I shared this story several times," Neet said.

"There's a lot of sacrifice, a lot of hope, and a lot of other stuff, that is the American flag. I figured since so many people have died for that, the least I could do was pick it up," Fischer said.

The owner of the flag is thankful to Jeremy. She said it blew off her home's flag pole during a storm.

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