Man suspected of shooting San Francisco police officer arrested


Police say their suspect is a convicted felon who was in possession of ammunition when he was arrested. But it's important to mention he's not facing any weapons charges at this point.

Police Chief Greg Suhr stood vigil outside San Francisco General where Officer Adam Shaw is recovering from a gunshot wound to the shoulder. He told ABC7 News exclusively that the 28-year-old will be okay.

"They just moved the officer from ICU," Chief Suhr said. "He's in very very good spirits; he actually stood up and moved to a wheelchair as they put him into a room."

Overnight a dramatic police chase for the suspect spanned four counties, ending early Sunday in San Jose.

In video you'll see only on ABC7 News, you see 50-year-old Jeffrey Ruano of San Francisco taken into custody. He screamed at officers that his handcuffs were too tight, telling officers to "loosen them up" while shouting expletives at them.

Ruano was arrested in a white Mercedes, but police say he was behind the wheel of a Mustang on Saturday afternoon when police pulled the car over in the city's Mission District. Two officers approached the car. A witness described what happened next.

"We were in the house, we heard probably five or six shots," one witness told ABC7 News. "My friends went outside and I went on the scanner and we heard there was a police chase and then we heard that a cop had been shot while, we think, pulling somebody over."

Initially, police said the first shots came from the suspect's car. Sky7 HD was overhead and captured pictures of handcuffs and what appeared to be a bullet hole in the trunk of the squad car.

The partner of the wounded officer fired shots at the Mustang when he said it started reversing towards the officers. But now police are unclear about how Officer Shaw was wounded.

"We do not know that," Chief Suhr said. "We know that there was, at the very least, an assault on the officer with the vehicle."

The suspect car was later found abandoned in Daly City. A gun has not yet been found.

We're getting more insight into how police responded to the emergency from a dispatch call reporting the shooting and the search for the gunman.

Officer: "I need an ambulance right now.1377 Florida. I've been hit."
Dispatcher: "1377 Florida."
Officer: "Suspect wearing 49ers gear. Grey mustang."
Dispatcher: "Grey mustang. Suspect wearing 49ers gear."

The injured officer, Adam Shaw, is a six-year veteran of the force.

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