Recent storms did little to impact Bay Area drought


It was raining throughout the Bay Area Tuesday morning. From, the Golden Gate Bridge to the Peninsula, there was a steady downpour which complicated the morning commute.

In the Berkeley Hills there was so much rain it cause power lines to snap leaving two dozen homes in the dark. Pacific Gas and Electric was working to repair the line.

Despite the headaches, many people were happy to give their umbrellas a workout.

"Now we get a lot of rain, that's good. It's good for everybody, especially the farmers," said Oakland resident David Li.

But, water officials say despite the rain, the region is still in the midst of a drought. The East Bay Municipal Utilities District, which serves 1.3 million customers, shows Sierra reservoirs a little more than half full.

"We're looking at a end of a rainy season that's going to be very disappointing. So, right now the most important thing for people to do is, be ready to conserve this summer and conserve through the winter. Because, we don't know how long this drought will last," said EBMUD spokesperson Abby Figueroa.

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