9 creative ways to eat Marshmallow Peeps

  1. Peepsicles

Frozen, chocolate dipped Peeps. What could be better? They're easy to make and you can dip them in fun toppings like chopped nuts, sprinkles or coconut. Perfect for when Easter falls on a hot day.

  1. Chocolate-dipped Peeps

They set the bar too high with the witty "Peepsicles"; now I'm upset that this one doesn't have a pun for a name. Dip Peeps in chocolate. Repeat. Eat.

  1. Peepsters Stuffed Cookies

Oh, this one is genius. Peepsters are marshmallow-filled chocolates, which can then be baked into a chocolate-chip cookie recipe. The result is like watching a unicorn jumping over a sparkly rainbow… especially if enjoyed with a glass of cold milk. Unicorns love cold milk, didn't you know?

  1. Peepshi

Peepshi is Peep sushi. The name is a bit of a stretch (curse you, Peepsicles! You are too clever!), but the result is adorable and will delight little kids. Peeps are placed atop rice krispies treats and attached with a strip of rolled fruit snack. It may bring about a sugar coma, but they look too cute to pass up.

  1. Chantilly Cream-Filled Oranges

Time to get fancy: combine whipped heavy cream with oranges to get a citrusy dessert that tastes great after a light spring meal. Make sure to get orange Peeps to match!

  1. Peeps Toasted Marshmallow Milkshake

A toasted marshmallow milkshake is one of those things that, if you don't already, make you believe in a higher power. Why else would something so perfectly delicious exist? You literally put Peeps in the oven until they're perfectly lightly charred and then blend them with ice cream. WHAT. I know. I'll give you a minute to sit down.

  1. Peeps Pretzels

I'm very surprised they didn't call these "Peepzels". Why Peepshi and not Peepzels? In any case, if you're getting a sugar overdose just by reading these recipes, a little salt will help. The crunchy chocolate-covered pretzels taste great with marshmallow. You're probably finally getting the point of this article, which is that everything tastes great with marshmallow.

  1. Peeps Sugar-Free Delight

Usually the words "sugar-free" and "delight" should not be used in the same sentence, but hear me out. This dessert combines delicious berries with a creamy sauce of sour cream, banana and orange juice (trust: it's tasty). You can even use a sugar-free Peep on top.

  1. Peep S'mores

OF COURSE I couldn't make this list without including the best recipe and saving it for last! It may also be the easiest: just smash a heated Peep between graham crackers and a square of chocolate. That's it. It's so good.

No matter how you enjoy your Peeps, be sure to stock up for Easter and you'll have a wealth of dessert options available to you (at least until Halloween rolls around).

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