Warriors brass addresses Jackson dismissal


Warriors' General Manager Bob Myers said that team executives made the decision to fire Jackson.

"We felt it was the time to make a change," said Myers.

Myers said the meeting with Jackson at team headquarters was cordial

"Every decision we make is with the belief it's going to help us win and win in the future. And that's really the basis behind really anything we decide to do," said Myers.

In a later tweet, Jackson wrote:

"Thanks to my players! I Love U! We accomplished a lot together! I wish u all nothing but the Best!! God Bless."

For Warrior fans, the Jackson firing was a bit more difficult to swallow, especially coming just days after Jackson led the team to its second playoff appearance in two years.

"Being a long-time Warrior fan over 30 plus years, we know how it's been. It's been really bad. And he showed success. And, I don't get it," said fan Gil Sillins.

"Hey, I became a Warriors fan because of the coach. You know, he was a good coach, man, " said fan Brandon Brice.

The firing comes after several high profile Warriors made public statements in support of Jackson.

"What coach has gone through this year has been unlike anything I've seen. I love coach more than anybody and I think for him to be in a situation where his job is under scrutiny and under question, is totally unfair," said point guard Stephen Curry.

In the end, according to Myers, the decision to let Jackson go was made by team executives, without input from any players, including star Curry.

"I think the fans should know or understand that they need to trust us. I mean, they need to really trust us and maybe they do, maybe they don't, and it's our job to prove it," said Myers.

Despite reports of certain names as favorites, Myers said the Warriors have just begun their search for a new coach.

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