San Francisco family begs for murder investigation


The big question is was it self-defense or a crime? The victim's family believes that this is a question that needs to go before a judge and jury, but at this point, the District Attorney's office still needs to decide if they should press charges. The thought that the victim's shooter could go free has the victim's family very upset.

By all accounts Stephen Guillermo died too soon. The 26-year-old college student worked two jobs to support his family. Late Saturday night he came home to the right apartment building, but got off the elevator at the wrong floor.

In a press release just after, police said Stephen was in the apartment, but Monday they told ABC7 News they are not disclosing the location of where he was shot.

"This is a situation where shoot first, ask questions later really shouldn't apply," said Emil Guillermo, Stephen's cousin.

Amisi Sudi Kachepa, 68, who lives in this third-floor apartment is being held on suspicion of murder.

Monday Stephen's family and friends went before the Board of Supervisors, pleading they apply pressure and get the District Attorney's office to press charges.

"We all loved him, he was a nice man. If you let his killer free, imagine the fears our neighbors will go through," said Marc Guillermo, Stephen's brother.

"Our home that's supposed to be our haven is not safe with a man like that, this not OK and we need justice," said Shermaine Guillermo, Stephen's sister.

Stephen was a wonderful human being and friends and family loved him very much," said Rocky Chau, Stephen's friend.

Emil feels a judge and jury can deliver justice, even though they cannot bring Stephen back. He told ABC7 News, "He was an exemplary young man, and he didn't deserve this kind of fate. All we ask for is that the police department do its job, the D.A. do its job, and we get some justice for Stephen because without that, it's just a senseless death."

Police are expected to send their report to the District Attorney late Monday. After that, the District Attorney's office will determine whether or not to press charges.

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