Armed bandits rob migrants crossing border illegally, border patrol chief says

ByLuke Barr ABCNews logo
Tuesday, February 27, 2024

A group of "armed bandits" near the U.S. southern border attempted to rob migrants crossing illegally, according to US Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens.

Owens posted images of a group of migrants in Chula Vista, California, attempting to cross the border on Sunday, only to encounter armed robbers.

"USBP surveillance technology near Chula Vista, CA captured these images of armed bandits robbing several groups as they attempted to enter the country illegally," Owens said in the post. "Yet another example of the dangers these criminals & smugglers pose to the public, the migrants, and our agents."

ABC News has reached out to Border Patrol about the incident.

Migrant encounters in the San Diego area, which encompasses Chula Vista, were down in January from November and December of 2023, according to Customs and Border Protection data.

Last week, the San Diego sector made over 7,500 apprehensions of migrants from 75 countries, according to Chief Patrol Agent Patrol Agent Patricia McGurk-Daniel.

President Joe Biden is headed to the border on Thursday, according to a White House official. He is going to Brownsville, Texas.

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