A's sweep Mariners, fly back to Oakland on plane with SF Giants logo

OAKLAND, Calif. -- After sweeping their series with the Seattle Mariners, the Athletics headed to the airport to return to Oakland on Sunday night.

That's when outfielder Josh Reddick tweeted out a picture of the team's plane, which shows it has, "We Are SF We Are Giants" emblazoned on it. He said, "Apparently we made the jump to a new plane. #AreYouKiddingMe."

A San Francisco Giants fan twitter account then responded with, "I mean, the plane IS rather giant. Enjoy your comfy flight!"

To which Reddick tweeted a GIF of actor Tom Hiddleston giving an exasperated look.

ESPN reports that the A's were not happy about the situation according to Catherine Aker, director of corporate communications.

"Our charter contract is with MLW Air. Per our contract, we share a plane with the Dallas Mavericks and in the case of dual events, MLW Air subservices another charter on our behalf," Aker said via email to ESPN. "Because of the Mavericks game yesterday (in Los Angeles), MLW Air subserviced Eastern Airline for our flight. We were unaware of the Giants logo on the plane until we arrived and addressed our dissatisfaction with MLW Air."

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