Michael Finney answers your consumer questions

Saturday, December 2, 2017
Michael Finney answers your consumer questions
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Question 1:

Maoco from Kentfield asked: What is the best way to get a good deal on athletic shoes?

Answer 1:

Right now is a great time to buy athletic shoes. First, you have holiday sales going on right now. Then, you're going to have after holiday sales on December 26 unttil the end of the year. Great times to buy are now, and January is also a good time because that's when people have New Year's resolutions to exercise. So, many retailers and manufacturers are out there offering deals.

Question 2:

Olivia asked: Is it a good idea to have a credit card while in college?

Answer 2:

A credit card can help you build your credit early, so make sure you can afford it. Don't buy what you can't pay off later. To simply not carry cash and help you stay within budget, a debit card is a good option. Those are linked to your checking account. Also note, schools typically offer lower fees at credit unions.

Question 3:

Gregory from Carbondale, Pennsylvania asked: Are airlines required to give you a refund when flights are delayed?

Answer 3:

There is no requirement that airlines compensate passengers for flight delays of any kind in the U.S. Sometimes airlines will provide delayed customers either meal vouchers or a room if there is an overnight delay. But, there is no law requiring it. In Europe, if a flight's arrival time is delayed for more than three hours, customers are entitled to compensation dependent upon the length of the flight and time of delay up to 600 euros, which amounts to $710 at the moment.

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